About me

I'm a recently married woman in my mid-late twenties.  While I have always been vegetarian, I have not always been a cook.  I find cooking to be a form of meditation that allows me to forget everything while I'm chopping, planning, and cooking food.  I'm a strong believer that eating and sharing this good food strengthens relationship.  It also helps me appreciate food as it should be. 

I tend to cook international foods.  My cooking style also usually involves cooking one large main dish.  I rarely have sides with my dinners.  I also tend to cook a lot of food, so that I can have a lot left over for lunches the following day.  You might find, as a single person, that the serving amounts will leave you with leftovers for a week. 

I am not much of a baker...yet.  I can see myself getting more involved, but I find it more boring in preparing it all.

If you have a recipe, please share it with me, I'd be super happy to try!