Monday, July 5, 2010

Nutty Spinach Pizza with Two cheeses

This summer, Jon and I are trying to grow vegetables in a community garden plot.  We pay only $25 for the whole year to use this.  The soil and everything is a part of this small fee.  While we just learned from a fellow gardener how to fix our green beans, snow peas, and carrots...our spinach is fully ready to continue harvesting!  Today, we got TONS of spinach and will go back for more tomorrow.   If nothing else grows, at least we got a lot of spinach.

So, with all this spinach, we decided to make a spinach pizza out of the Easy Vegetarian Dinners book.  I know some of my followers enjoyed the last pizza I made.  This one is pretty good, too.  It uses swiss cheese as the base and then you top it with caramelized red onions combined with steamed spinach, garlic and crushed red pepper.  You top that with pine nuts and then colby cheese.  It's so easy!  Feel free to email or message me if this one looks good.

While I'm going to try to continue with my blog as much as possible, I might be not as regular since my wedding is next weekend and followed by a two week honeymoon.  Please be patient and keep reading and I will be back on a regular schedule.  Oh, you can also probably expect a lot of different spinach recipes for the next week!

                                   all of our harvested spinach from today

                                     the pizza which includes swiss cheese, 
                                     colby cheese, pine nuts, crushed red pepper, 
                                     red onion, and our yummy spinach!
                                       served with a spinach salad

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