Friday, August 13, 2010

Pickled Daikon recipes

Daikon are essentially huge white radishes (check out the picture to the right).  I had never seen a daikon before I moved to Japan.  And of course, I'd never eaten one before them, too.  Since being back in the USA, I have only had it at Japanese restaurants.  The most popular way for Japanese people to eat them is by pickling them.  It takes away from the rather bitter taste of a radish.

We grew about 20 of them in our garden.  We were very successful and we quickly had 20 daikon to eat.  We made a stir fry out of them (See below), but that only uses one of them up.  We decided to try to pickle them.

We tried four recipes:

1.  Chinese Pickled daikon
2.  Bahn Mi (Vietnamese version) (we tried two of these kind)
3.  Sweet picked daikon

Of the three, Jon and I agree that the best is the sweet pickled daikon, followed by the bahn mi, then the chinese pickled daikon.  It's fun pickling and actually rather easy!  Now that we have more experience, we hope to pickle cucumbers.  We canned them, too so we don't have eat them quickly.  We will certainly be pickling more daikon so we don't waste it!

       me pickling to the right
Jon canning the pickles!
final products!

The recipe for sweet pickled daikon 

The recipe for the bahn mi daikon

The recipe for the chinese pickled daikon

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