Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ethiopian Food

On our honeymoon, we had somehow made it a priority to eat international and interesting foods.  One evening in Boulder, we tried Ethiopian food.  Jon has had it once or twice before and this was my first time ever having it.  It has quickly made it's way to the number one position in my favorite ethnic foods ever.  There are plenty of vegetarian options and incredibly spicy.

The sad news is the closest Ethiopian food to me is in Montreal.  The good news is this allows me to experiment in cooking!

So, one night, I made about 5 different dishes of Ethiopian options.  Typically, you share an entree with everyone at your table in the manner shown above in the picture.  Then, there is "injera" - an incredibly spongy, thin bread that you use to pick up the food.

The stable of all these different types of dishes are different lentils - I used brown and red lentils and yellow and green split peas for all of the bases.  Then, I used tons of different spices.

I am not going to post all of the recipes because there are so many of them.   I got ALL of the recipes from the website below.  I made them all except for the 'gomen'.

Sadly, I couldn't make the injera bread because I didn't have the right type of flour.  However, I plan to find it when I am in a big city next!

I encourage you to make it and share with many friends OR have a week's worth of lunch!

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